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pinupboard bg - Copy (3)Not only have you discovered the easiest, fastest and most eco-friendly way to take and store notes – soon you will also be able to access your notes stored on Pinup.com from any computer by simply signing in using your email address and the password you’ve picked.

As a new registered user you will be able to create multiple canvases for your notes. As the co-owner of a comparison website www.listhings.com Wayne Bond of Pinup.com has a new theme being launched soon to enlighten the communication services industry.

His team are set to stage a new venture called Pinup.com which will embrace the existing 200,000 members of www.Listhings.com to compare their new features and functions for Pinup.com in real time collaboration.

Launching is scheduled to be in January 2016 and Pinup will be available, as an app for Apple’s iPhone. Versions for the iPad, Android and other mobile gadgets are on the drawing board.

When new users sign up they provide anonymous information with basic details for their member bulletin information to be sent out each month.

For the first three months Pinup marketing will focus exclusively on building and consolidating member numbers, because the new theme will survive by attracting enough users to make valuable comparisons.

Pinup.com plans to monetize their platform by generating leads for new members to join and enjoy the latest free features and functions in communications, with an added option to upgrade to higher levels of further benefits if desire.

After launching Listhings in 2008, management has regularly been approached by it’s members who were looking to find further ideas for creating their canvases with extra storage of files and downloads of their workload for easy access.

One of the most popular choices of the new platform besides the foundation the ever so popular corkboard was to create an option of having a white board with audio function for real time use.

Although, there are similarities with some other platforms Wayne is adamant there are many features on Pinup.com that will not be seen elsewhere.

“I’m getting too old, so there won’t be another development process like Pinup.com,” he said. “If this is going to work as the Pinup team is bracing itself for, it will work within a heartbeat or I won’t be a part of it.”


Pinup.com Team