We asked for your favorite Manu Ginobili memories. Here’s what you said

Please don’t retire yet, Manu.

The Spurs’ season ended on Monday night after losing to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. It had been rumored that this could be the final season for Manu Ginobili, and when Gregg Popovich started him in Game 4, it became even more real.

Manu also got a beautiful ovation from the crowd as he exited the game.

Ginobili is one of the most universally liked players of all time, so we asked for your favorite memories. Here is what you said.

This beautiful fake on Kevin Garnett got several mentions.

This ridiculous behind-the-back pass to DeJuan Blair.

This pass where he threw the ball between Norris Cole’s legs!

This iconic dunk over Chris Bosh in the 2014 NBA Finals.

This game-winner for Argentina in the 2004 Olympics.

And both of these for sure.

Not all of them were great plays, though. Some were just Manu being Manu.

But one of the most common answers was this. And we agree.

But! We can’t forget the greatest Manu gif of all time.

And hands down the play got the most responses? The bat. The time Manu killed a bat with his bare hands.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iloN1RPs4n0?rel=0&controls=2]

Manu said after Game 4 he will take a few weeks to decide his future, but something about Game 4 felt like the end. If it was, thank you for everything, Manu!

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