Toronto woman who was victim of unprovoked stabbing dies



A newlywed Toronto female who was the victim of an unprovoked and strange stabbing by a businesswoman passed away Thursday, authorities stated.

Rosemarie Junor, 28, had actually been holding on to life because Tuesday when a female worn company clothes arbitrarily stabbed her in the chest inside a pharmacy in downtown Toronto, according to regional news.

Junor studied occupational treatment at York University and is initially from Trinidad & Tobago, according to her Facebook page.


The lady who stabbed Junor, 40-year-old Rohinie Bisesar, was nabbed soon after the odd attack. Her qualifications as an MBA graduate from the exact same university her victim participated in, York University, made her a not likely suspect.

Somebody declaring to be Bisesar composed an odd e-mail to Toronto’s National Post prior to the arrest, triggering authorities to question her mental health, the paper reported.

“I am sorry about the occurrence. I felt the have to be severe to see if it would work. I would usually refrain from doing such a thing,” the e-mail stated.



Rosemarie Junor, 28, was randomly stabbed inside a drug store in downtown Toronto by Bisesar.Kim Junor via Facebook

Rosemarie Junor, 28, was  stabbed inside a drug shop in downtown Toronto by Bisesar.Kim Junor by means of Facebook

Rosemarie Junor, 28, was arbitrarily stabbed inside a drug shop in downtown Toronto by Bisesar.

Other lines of the e-mail suggested a battle with mental health.

“Something has actually been occurring to me and this is not my typical self and I would love to understand who and why this is taking place.”.

If it was in reality Bisesar who composed it, the National Post was able to verify the e-mail came from the suspect’s address however could not validate.

A pal of Bisesar informed the National Post that her mental health had actually worn away in recent times.

“She’s a sweet individual,” Karl Gutowski informed the National Post, “she appeared odd however really sweet.”.

Bisesar has actually been accuseded of tried murder, worsened attack and bring a hidden weapon, however they will likely be updated now that the victim has actually passed away.


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