The Clippers are still suffering from the usual issues

The Clippers cannot right the ship. After beating the Nuggets on Tuesday to snap a three-game losing streak they might not exceed allure in your home on Wednesday and are back to having to a losing record. A group that was considered an authentic competitor has actually not looked the part up previously.
The curious thing is that the problems that are bothering them now appear like the ones that constantly triggered them trouble in the past. All the offseason moves the group made have actually failed to deal with the concerns that have really cut their offseasons short in previous seasons.
The little forward position is still a problem
The Clippers traded away Matt Barnes, wanting to obtain more production from their wing area. Lance Stephenson was the return in the offer and the front office likewise produced Paul Pierce and Wesley Johnson to enhance the group’s depth at little forward. Far, the option has really not panned out.
Pierce is balancing 5 points per video game on 32 percent shooting from the floor and 24 percent from beyond the arc. That has really left Wesley Johnson as the starter by default, which is far from ideal given that he has actually been a fringe rotation player his whole profession.
Opposing little forwards have actually torched the Clippers. Matt Barnes was no stopper nevertheless he was a great protector who had familiarity with his associates, meaninged that cohesiveness on the protective end. The Clippers do not have that crutch this year.
The supporting cast is not providing on offense.
The Clippers’ issues on offense mainly come down to the formerly discussed shooting fights. Just J.J. Redick and Wesley Johnson are shooting over 40 percent from beyond the arc, generally thanks to taking numerous of their three-pointers in catch and shoot circumstances.
Jamal Crawford is expected to bring immediate offense from the bench nevertheless is shooting just 37 percent from the field. His pull up jumper– without a doubt his finest possession as a scorer– has in fact deserted him up previously, as he’s shooting simply 40 percent on two-point basket and 26 percent on three-pointers off the dribble. It’s the 2nd season in a row where Crawford has in fact had a hard time to develop for himself, so it may not be just a bad streak he continues to be in.

Crawford's shot charts

Crawford’s shot charts
Those are Crawford’s shot charts for the previous 3 seasons. That’s not an encouraging pattern for the 35-year-old gunner. He may really be done as a high use shot developer.
Even the backup point guards have a hard time to establish much on their own or others. That’s how they get video games like Wednesday’s in which Blake Griffin and Chris Paul go a combined 28-for-38 from the floor while the rest of the group goes 10-for-37.
The defense is unstable and DeAndre Jordan cannot hold it together
Griffin has in fact clearly been the Clippers’ finest player up previously while Paul has actually continued to be a net beneficial in spite of combating injuries. The 3rd star on the group is anticipated to be DeAndre Jordan however he has actually in truth taken a step back compared to last season. When he’s not on the court, his particular rim defense numbers continue to be exceptional nevertheless the Clippers in truth do much better on defense.
Paul has actually missed out on out on time, there is no wing stopper and Griffin attempts however never ever will be an elite protector. The concern is Jordan has actually been neither as light nor focused on his feet as he has in fact been at times in the past, so he hasn’t had the capability to eliminate those mistakes.
If the stress of an eventful offseason is affecting Jordan or he’s just having a hard time on that end comparable to his colleagues, it’s difficult to state. His whole job consists of keeping the defense afloat and so far he’s not being effective.
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The Clippers’ issues appear like the ones they had last season: a weak bench with no shot designers, inadequate shooting beyond J.J. Redick and a defense that is leakier than most of rivals’. They had the ability to dominate those issues in the previous thanks to an excellent offense managed by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and a defense held together by DeAndre Jordan.
The Clippers have really tried riding Paul and Griffin to a champion and it hasn’t worked. That was the strategy when developing the group in the offseason and if it fails, ultimately so will the Clippers. – All Posts