Scientists Discovered A New Human Organ, Possibly The Biggest In Your Body, And Named It ‘Interstitium’

An illustration of the human organs and the anatomy of the human body.

Move over skin, there’s a new largest human organ in town, and it comes with a fancy name to boot: the interstitium. This newfound organ has been identified for the first time by researchers from New York University’s School of Medicine, who just published a study in the journal, Scientific Reports, detailing its anatomy and functions.

The paper defines the newly discovered organ as a “fluid-filled space within and between tissues” that spreads throughout the body and can be found nearly everywhere: under the skin, between our organs, around arteries and veins, along the fibrous tissue between muscles, and even around the digestive tract and urinary system.

Medicine is already acquainted with interstitial tissue (the tissue found between our cells) and interstitial fluid (the liquid that fills the space between the cells), but the interstitium ties everything together in a network of fluid-filled compartments strung together by collagen and elastin, the study explains.

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