Russia bombs ‘kill 200 Syria civilians’

Syria conflict: Russia air strikes ‘killed 200 civilians’

  • 23 December 2015
People inspect a site hit by what activists said were Russian air strikes in Idlib. Photo: December 2015
A minimum of 200 civilians have actually been eliminated in Russian air campaign in Syria, an Amnesty International credit report states, pricing quote lobbyists and witnesses.
It states it “looked into from another location” more than 25 Russian attacks in 5 locations in between 30 September and 29 November.
The findings suggest “significant failures [by Russia] to regard global humanitarian law”, Amnesty states.
Moscow has actually consistently rejected triggering civilian deaths, explaining such claims as part of “details warfare”.
Russia started air campaign targeting Islamic State militants (IS) and other groups on 30 September, stating it was acting at the demand of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Moscow has actually likewise been implicated of battle rebel groups opposed to Mr Assad however backed by the West.
‘No military targets’.
In the credit report, Amnesty stated it had actually investigated the Russian attacks in Homs, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo.
The group stated it had actually “spoken with by phone or online 16 witnesses to attacks and their consequences”, consisting of physicians and human rights lobbyists.
In addition, Amnesty “gotten and examined audiovisual images” connecting to the attacks and “commissioned suggestions from weapons specialists”.
The file provides more information about 6 attacks.
On 29 November, for instance, 49 civilians were eliminated and lots of others hurt when 3 rockets struck a public market in Ariha, Idlib province, Amnesty stated.
It put that testament by witnesses and research study by human rights lobbyists had actually revealed that “there were no military targets in the area”.
Amnesty stated there was likewise proof that Russia’s military “unlawfully utilized unguided bombs in largely inhabited locations and naturally indiscriminate cluster munitions”.
Russian authorities have actually up until now made no public discuss the credit record’s allegations.
The Kremlin has actually formerly explained comparable files as efforts to reject its operations in Syria.
President Vladimir Putin stated in October that files of supposed civilian casualties had actually emerged prior to the very first air campaign were even performed.
Russia’s air project comes as a US-led union continues its own air campaign versus IS targets in Syria.
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