Ruiz: Trump’s hypocritical attitude about bad is offensivs

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Donald Trump specifies individuals “need to work hard and have to get in that upper stratosphere.”.

There is something essentially indecent about a guy like Donald Trump, who constantly proclaims his billions, unashamedly proposing making massive poverty a long-lasting function of the country’s socio-economic landscape.
“I do not like to state it, however we have to leave (the base pay) the method it is,” Trump specified throughout the GOP governmental argument last Tuesday. “Individuals need to go out, they have to work really difficult and have to enter that upper stratosphere.”.
State exactly what you will about him, nevertheless you need to appreciate this man’s gall. For filthy-rich Trump, born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, bad people are so since they do not aim enough– and not because in spite of being overworked, they are paid appetite revenues by greedy supervisors like him.
Work truly hard? Simply ask Wilbert Santiago, 34, who after 2 years as a luggage handler for Prime Flight at LaGuardia Airport, makes $ 10.10 an hour.
“We (requirement) a better wage and far better benefits,” Santiago stated. “I was making $ 10 till I got a 10-cent raise in February. A 10-cent raise!”.
Last July, Gov. Cuomo’s Wage Board voted to raise the pay of almost 200,000 females and males made use of in the $ 20 billion-a-year fast-food market. Employees at McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and equivalent business will be paid $ 15 an hour in the city by 2018, and by 2021 in the remainder of the state. Last Tuesday, Cuomo proposed doing the exact same for all state employees, winding up being the very first guv to do so.
Gov. Cuomo (center, seen in July) announces that the Fast Food Wage Board voted to approve an increase in wages for fast food workers to $ 15 in New York City by 2018.Andrew Lamberson/for New york city Daily News

Gov. Cuomo (center, taken in July) exposes that the Fast Food Wage Board voted to allow a boost in incomes for junk food employees to $ 15 in New York City by 2018.

An authentic living wage of $ 15 per hour is required for all workers, not simply fast-food ones. That would be a life changer for countless dedicated households like Wilbert Santiago’s.
No less indecent than Trump’s unsavory bragging is to see Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both GOP governmental hopefuls, promote in all extent their particular immigrant stories– both are the children of Cuban moms and dads– while opposing any relief for the 11 million undocumented individuals currently in the nation. Last time I analyzed, this was called hypocrisy.
Paradoxically, there is a silver lining to the GOP dark cloud.
A study of employees paid less than $ 15 an hour, carried out by the National Work Law Task, discovered that 72 % of those workers support unions. That no less than 42 % of all U.S. workers make less than $ 15 an hour indicates some 48 million prospective voters might end up if there were prospects who, contrary to the Republican cast of characters, backed greater pay and union rights.
Simply puts, this emerging political force may send Trump and the rest of the Republican governmental wannabes packing. Which’s truly outstanding new
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