Prison Staff Mocked And Laughed At Inmate Who Suffered A 91-Hour Erection

Inmate behind bars

An ex-inmate from the Pittsburg County Jail has filed a lawsuit over claims that prison staff did not get him medical attention he needed after suffering from a 91-hour erection. The man claims the staff mocked and laughed at him instead.

Dustin Lance is seeking $ 5 million over the incident which happened last year. The Tulsa World states Lance suffered permanent injury from the erection after the jail’s employees denied him medical care.

Lance filed a petition on Wednesday in the Pittsburg County District Court and described having an “unbearable pain” that was ignored by jail personnel. On December 15 last year, Lance took a pill from a fellow inmate. He began complaining to the prison guards about his pain the next morning.

Instead of getting Lance medical attention, the guards and staff reportedly mocked him and laughed at his “situation.”

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