Petition Asks Chipotle To Stop Serving Pork, Beef In Response To Anti-GMO Stance

Petition Asks Chipotle Stop Serving Pork, Beef In Response To Anti-GMO Stance

Mexican chain restaurant Chipotle has frequently found itself under fire from pro-GMO (genetically-modified organisms) groups for several years now, due to their professed anti-GMO stance. As reported by Gizmodo, Chipotle announced two years ago that it would be removing all GMOs from its menu – a position that Gizmodo described as “Anti-Science Pandering.”

Earlier this week, Americans For Science, a pro-GMO, pro-vaccine podcast hosted by Steve Neidenbach, found the perfect way to fire back.

Neidenbach, a middle-school teacher from Annapolis, MD, has become a notable figure in the pro-GMO camp. He runs the Facebook page “We Love GMOs And Vaccines,” which has over 113,000 followers. He also writes for the Genetic Literacy Project.

Chipotle maintains a list on their websites of reasons they chose to remove GMO foods on their website, of which Neidenbach wrote a detraction on Medium. One of those reasons is that “The World Health Organization recently designated Glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” The use of glyphosate is extremely widespread.”

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