Oscars: Breaking Down 7 Grim Themes of 40 Contending Screenplays

Courtesy of Bleecker Street Media

The word this awards season is plenty grim, evaluating by the subjects– revenge and dependency, real crime and race relations– consuming a few of Hollywood’s top film writers. Escapism is reserved primarily for the overstuffed summer season blockbusters, where dialogue frequently is hushed by superhero fisticuffs. Now that the more significant film fare is presenting, it’s all about attending to social issues and zeroing in on characters who are combating their own demons– whether it’s Steve Jobs’ ferocious have to succeed in the Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs or the dislocation experienced by Charlie Kaufman’s inspirational speaker in Anomalisa.
Even those motion pictures with triumphant heroes handle upsetting facts: The crusading reporters in Spotlight face the Catholic Church’s child abuse scandal; in Trumbo, Dalton Trumbo must battle political hysteria to recuperate the usage of his name; and Joy might be lighter, however Jennifer Lawrence’s businesswoman need to still conquer great deals of chauvinism. Overall, it’s a hard, rough world out there.


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