Mike Gundy’s son was so close to making his dad shave his awesome mullet

And yet, so far.

Joe Dirt, David Bowie, Mike Gundy.

It is that pantheon of fine men who have chosen to don the most duplicitous of follicle arrangements. The mullet is that of style and sophistication, despite what you may think about the class of males that typically sport them. At the same time: business in the front, and party in the back. The modern male can be both things at once when wearing this haircut, truly a renaissance man.

Lately, Oklahoma State’s head coach has worn the mullet on the sideline, and it’s gotten a fair amount of attention. It all started after a bet with one of his sons.

And it’s since morphed into the most iconic sporting ‘do of our time. Gundy even went on Sportscenter and went mullet-y-mullet with Barry Melrose.

Now Gundy’s mullet is an Oklahoma State institution.

But we were oh so close to losing this treasured noggin salad.

At SB Nation, we are all for the scholastic pursuits of young men and women, but this glorious hairstyle must live on.

Gundy’s oldest son has his own opinion about whether the grades have any bearing on the mullet at all.

I hope so, Gavin. I really do.

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