Kelly Ripa Rocks Crop Top And Leotard On Instagram As Her Nutritionist Talks Bikini Body Backlash And Diet

Kelly Ripa credits an alkaline diet for her bikini body.

Kelly Ripa is getting raves from her Instagram followers for her new photo. Ripa posed in a crop top and leotards, showing off her amazing abs and thanking her fitness trainer in the caption. But beyond working with a trainer to tone her tummy, Kelly’s fabulous figure at 47 owes credit to her nutritionist.

Dr. Daryl Gioffre, who has taken on the role of diet guru to Ripa, talked with Page Six about the backlash that Kelly received over photos of her bikini body on Instagram. The nutritionist also clarified the details of Ripa’s diet, which he feels is often misunderstood.

Kelly Ripa Has Healthy Approach To Bikini Body Backlash, Says Her Nutritionist

Kelly isn’t stressing over the slams she got over her Instagram bikini photos, said Gioffre. He linked Ripa’s desire to follow a healthy diet to her relaxed approach to coping with the backlash, noting that Kelly just goes with the flow (even when it turns negative).

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