Friend of San Bernardino gunman charged

San Bernardino shooting: Friend of gunman is charged

Enrique Marquez

San Bernardino shooting: Friend of shooter is charged

Enrique Marquez
A good friend of among the San Bernardino enemies has actually been charged in connection with the mass shooting that eliminated 14.
Enrique Marquez, 24, is the very first individual apprehended in the deadliest terrorist attack in the United States because 9/11.
Mr Marquez is accused of outlining with shooter Syed Farook to assault a university in 2011 and 2012.
He is likewise implicated of unlawfully acquiring the 2 rifles that were utilized by Farook and Tashfeen Malik.
“While there is presently no proof that Mr Marquez took part in the December 2 attack or had advance understanding of it, his previous purchase of guns and continuous failure to caution authorities about Farook’s intent to dedicate mass murder had deadly penalties,” United States Attorney Eileen Decker stated.
According to the criminal grievance, Mr Marquez called emergency situation services hours after the San Bernardino shooting and informed the dispatcher that the assaulters “utilized my weapon”.
The charges versus Enrique Marquez offer a cooling peek into a supposed terrorist cell on American soil.
According to the FBI, the information were gotten throughout 11 days of interviews with Mr Marquez where he is stated to have actually confessed his function in outlining murder.
When lived next door to one another– was the rural street at the heart of the supposed plot, Tomlinson Avenue in Riverside– where Mr Marquez and Syed Rizwan Farook.
It was here that Mr Marquez was presented to Islam by Farook and it was here that the pair supposedly enjoyed extreme Islamist videos consisting of lectures by a previous Al Qaeda leader, Anwar Al-Awlaki.
Mr Marquez is likewise stated to have actually seen online videos produced by a “US-based tactical devices producer,” to have actually trained at California weapon varieties and to have actually studied an Al Qaeda publication, composed in English, on ways to make bombs.
The degree of online outlining, undiscovered by the authorities, makes sure to heighten the argument about the balance in between liberty and security in the United States.
Mr Marquez informed authorities in information about the earlier terrorist plots that were never ever performed.
Mr Marquez and Farook prepared to bomb a regional university, where they had actually both been students, and shoot students as they escaped, according to court records.
They likewise had strategies to assault a freeway throughout afternoon heavy traffic by dropping pipeline bombs onto vehicles and shooting into automobiles and at police, the records stated.
They did not blow up, numerous pipeline bombs were utilized in the San Bernardino attack.
Cops eliminated Farook and his other half in a shootout a couple of hours after they open fired inside a vacation celebration went to by Farook’s colleagues.
Since he looked Caucasian while Farook looked Middle-Eastern, Mr Marquez informed detectives he purchased the weapons for Farook.
In 2012, he and Farook went to shooting varieties and remained to outline their attacks, authorities stated, however then Marquez distanced himself from Farook, following the arrest of other believed terrorists in the location.
Authorities likewise charged Mr Marquez with getting in a sham marital relationship with Farook’s relative so she might acquire legal status in the United States. He was paid monthly for his involvement in the sham, according to court records.
Federal representatives robbed his mom’s house in Riverside, California, where he had actually been living, 3 days after the attack.
Mr Marquez worked as a security personnel at Wal-Mart and imagined signing up with the United States Navy, the Los Angeles Times files.
He examined himself into a mental health center soon after the attack, publishing a garbled message to Facebook: “I’m. Really sorry sguys. It was a satisfaction.”.
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