Five Mistakes MyFitnessPal Users Make That Sabotage Weight Loss Goals

Six mistakes MyFitnessPal users make when losing weight

MyFitnessPal can be a great tool to use to lose weight, but Women’s Health reports that using the app isn’t foolproof. In fact, they found that using the app can not only hinder your progress but could push your further away from your ideal weight as well.

MyFitnessPal helps those dieters that have a tendency to eat without thinking or overeat. It can help you eat less and watch the type of food you snack on, but it isn’t a perfect system. Below are five MyFitnessPal user mistakes and how those slip-ups can make it difficult to reach your goal weight.


You Don’t Measure Your Food

MyFitnessPal only works if the measurements you put in are completely accurate. If you are eyeballing your measurements, you may underestimate portion sizes. It’s an extremely common problem among dieters and can big a big difference.

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