Every incredible chapter in the epic police cow chase in Queens

The noble cow. Bovine giver of life. Provider of leather. On Tuesday, a bull escaped in Queens, N.Y. for no particular reason other than it could — and what followed was one cow’s fight against the man.

Why the bull made it into a suburban backyard we may never know. Perhaps this is the start of a great uprising.

No bull will be put in the corner. You cannot tame the untameable. We are all 100 percent Team Cow.

The feel of the air on your horns. Fresh asphalt under your hooves. We’ve all been there. This is just so beautiful.

This is really just a metaphor about mankind’s desire to constrict Mother Nature and make it bend to our will, rather than let it flow like water with a cow in it.

One man said “Me, too,” desperate to cast of the shackles of the workaday world and be free like a bull. This cow said to the man “I’m sorry, this is a journey I must take alone.”

These roads were built long after the cow ruled this land. This was its playground, before we paved over it all and built a playground.

It just wanted to be accepted. To be loved. To find a place to call home — but that wasn’t enough. We had to tranquilize it; to tame the beast once more.

Cows are not a number. They are as vital as the air we breathe or the water we drink. They should not be arrested for trying to live and walk and pursue their happiness. Sadly this brave bull fought the law and the law won.

The bull may not know freedom, but it’s heading to cow paradise. May we all live as freely as the bull and pursue our dreams, even if we get shot with drugs and collapse at the end.

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