Enjoy this dumb guy get caught by the NYPD for pointing lasers at helicopters

We hear a large amount of stories of bored pinheads shining laser standards at helicopters and airplanes, nevertheless seldom do we get to see extremely pleasing video of stated idiots getting broken by the law enforcement officer. Thanks to NBC New york city 4 press reporter Dennis Protsko, that video now exists. And it’s fantastic.
“A federal criminal activity punishable by roughly 5 years in jail”.
Protsko and the Chopper 4 pilot were going to Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, to cover the arrest of an individual who had actually taken a Greyhound Bus– whichis unto itself a remarkable story– when they were struck with light from a green laser. While this might sound plain to those individuals bound by the laws of gravity, laser standards posture such a big concern for pilots that it’s a federal criminal activity punishable by 5 …

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