Dwyane Wade started his 2017 playoffs getting blocked by the rim

Father Time remains undefeated.

Usually, Dwyane Wade is money in the bank on a breakaway with just one man between him and the rim. But Father Time stepped in to intervene on Sunday when he came up short on a one-handed dunk with only the 5’9 Isaiah Thomas in his way.

Wade came away with a steal in the passing lane and took just one dribble before elevating over Thomas in the second quarter of the Chicago Bulls’ first-round playoff matchup against the Boston Celtics. But the ball rocked right off the front of the rim and into Al Horford’s hands.

“Wade picked off that pass like a 24-year old, and he tried to dunk it like a 54-year-old,” said 59-year-old TNT commentator Kevin McHale during the broadcast. “It looked like me trying to slam dunk out there.”

In his defense, Wade missed 11 games at the end of the season recovering from a fractured right elbow. His Game 1 appearance against the Celtics was his first game back from injury, and many weren’t even sure he would be back in time for the postseason opener.

But this is the same Wade who has posterized more big men than we can think of. The aging process seems to have taken its toll on the three-time NBA champion.

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