Could Your Morning Banana Or Avocado Slash Your Risk Of Heart Disease? New Research Says Yes!

Your Morning Banana Or Avocado May Slash Your Risk Of Heart Disease [Featured Image by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for CBD For Life]

According to a recent study, regularly eating foods that are high in potassium will help protect your body from heart disease. A diet high in potassium will most likely keep arteries from becoming hard.

The study, conducted by the University of Alabama Birmingham, using mice, revealed that those fed with a minimal amount of potassium were discovered to have hardened arteries.

In contrast, mice that consumed a normal amount of potassium, or a higher amount of potassium, did not suffer from hardened arteries. They determined there was a “direct effect” between low and high potassium consumption.

“Bananas and avocados — foods that are rich in potassium — may help protect against pathogenic vascular calcification, also known as hardening of the arteries.”

The study also revealed that “they unraveled the molecular mechanism underlying the effects of low or high dietary potassium.”

Although this particular study was done on mice, the researchers state that they will now use human test subjects in the next phase of research.

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