Could Yeast In The Gut Signal A Baby’s Asthma Risk, And Is Sanitation A Factor?

What kind of yeast causes asthma?

Could yeast in the gut be a predictor of a baby’s risk of developing childhood asthma? New research involving Ecuador-born babies indicates that a specific fungus living among a baby’s gut microbes could imply an increased risk of childhood asthma. Though this is believed to be the first time that a study has linked yeast in babies’ guts with an increased risk of childhood asthma, there is speculation that the specific fungus might actually increase the risk of this condition which affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Asthma isn’t prevalent evenly across the globe. Latin America and English-speaking countries have the highest rates of asthma. India, Asia-Pacific, the Eastern part of the Mediterranean, and Northern and Eastern Europe have a lower prevalence. Medical News Today reports that less than five percent of the population in these areas live with asthma.

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