Condom Wearable: i.Con Releases ‘World’s First Smart Condom’ For $74

smart condom icon condom wearable

The reusable condom wearable will soon be available on the market. The technology boom has made it possible for men to now track their sexual life by wearing a smart condom.

Launched by British Condoms, the wearable is called i.Con Smart Condom which will be marketed as the “World’s First Smart Condom.” The future of wearable technology has now to customers’ bedroom. The reusable wearable will keep track of all of the sexual interactions.

Its key features will include the number of calories being burnt during intercourse, the speed of thrusts, duration and frequency of each intercourse. The wearable will keep a track of all of this over a period of a week, month and year. The i.Con Smart Condom will also help men know exactly how they are stacking against other people from around the world.

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