Brain Continues Producing Neurons Until Late 70s, But There’s A Catch, Columbia Study Finds

Artist rendition of neurons in the brain

A new study by Columbia University reveals that the brain continues to make hundreds of neurons, a process called neurogenesis, even after a person reaches their late 70s.

In the study published in Cell Stem Cell, lead author Dr. Maura Boldrini, of the university’s psychiatry department, and her colleagues, looked into the process of neurogenesis by studying the brains of deceased individuals with ages ranging from 14 to 79.

The main goal of the research was to see how aging affects the production of neurons, a subject which has been up for much scientific debate for years.

Aging And Brain Cell Production

The brain’s function has been a significant point of interest, notably the creation of new neurons. Animal studies made on primates and mice revealed a slowing down of neurogenesis as the organisms aged. Boldrini and her colleagues wanted to see if the same phenomenon exists in humans.

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