Airplane crashes into Ohio home – 2 dead

akronAKRON, Ohio– At least 2 individuals were killed in the intense crash of a small company jet here Tuesday afternoon, authorities stated.
Private investigators were aiming to figure out the number of individuals were on the 10-seater Hawker H25 jet, however they verified 2 deaths, stated Lt. Sierjie Lash, an Akron fire department spokesperson.
Nobody was inside the little brick home structure or a nearby house that ignited, she stated.
According to Akron authorities, the aircraft crashed into 2 houses in the 3000 block of Mogadore Road, near Skelton Road. Next-door neighbors reported hearing a loud sound.
“I heard a huge bang, and my sofa shook ,” stated Carrie Willis, who lives numerous blocks away.
The jet was approaching Akron Fulton International Airport soon prior to 3 p.m. when it crashed into the structure, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
At a press conference, it was stated the airplane clipped electrical and telephone wires prior to crashing into the very first house and into an embankment. Particles and flames infected a neighboring house that ignited.
Authorities verified that the pilot and co-pilot were killed within the 10-passenger airplane.