After ‘The Force Awakens,’ Where Does ‘Star Wars’ Go Next? (Spoilers)

[Caution: This post consists of plot information from the movie that might be thought about spoilers.]
While the film does not end on a cliffhanger precisely, it does end with a lot of threads that can be followed up in future installations– and a lot of concerns that require responded to. Here are simply some of them.

Will Luke Return to the Fight?

Rey (Daisy Ridley) ends the motion picture having actually discovered Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), however evaluating from his response to seeing the outstretched lightsaber, he didn’t appear completely excited to rejoin the continuous war. While Hamill will undoubtedly rejoin the cast for a more active function in the untitled next installation, what Luke will do stays a secret.
(Another concern left unanswered by Force Awakens: why is Luke is the last Jedi? Exactly what took place to the other Force adepts that Luke was training at the exact same time as Ren?).

Who Is Rey?

The most apparent hanging thread from Force Awakens is the identity of Rey’s moms and dads. Being Luke’s child would likewise describe the connection she had to Luke’s lightsaber in certain), however it’s never ever in fact straight-out mentioned in the film itself.
Who Is Supreme Commander Snoke?

Let’s be truthful: the launching of the strange brand-new leader of the First Order was a little underwhelming. (I did love that the hologram was so big; nevertheless, I like to envision that he’s overcompensating and that the genuine Snoke will be small, like Maz Kanata. That stated, there was a lot to him that requires future unpacking: Why is he attempting to reanimate the Dark Side of the Force?
When Will Leia Meet Kylo Ren?

The discovery of Kylo Ren’s family tree is something that provides a great deal of meat for future motion pictures– not just the possibility that his main bane, Rey, might be his cousin (or possibly his sis, perhaps potentially), however the concern of exactly what occurs with he lastly comes in person with Leia, which feels unavoidable after the occasions of Force Awakens. From her discussion with Han, she declined Ren when he initially selected the Dark Side, so how will a reunion go now that he’s eliminated her spouse?
(Along comparable lines, exactly what will Han’s death do to Leia in future? We’ve seen her retreat into the general’s function when confronted with Ren’s betrayal, however could Han’s death trigger her to lastly use up her daddy’s heritage in some method– either by welcoming the Force, or maybe providing into worry and anger and counting on the Dark Side herself? One hopes that in any case, Episode VIII will have more Carrie Fisher, who was fairly unused in Force Awakens, unfortunately.).
The Republic Ascendant?

According to the backstory rationalized in the opening crawl, the Republic– the heros, to be simplified about things– are still the dominant power in the galaxy at the start of The Force Awakens, which would appear to be a lot more the case by the end of the film, thinking about that the building of the Starkiller Base would appear to have actually been a substantial endeavor by the First Order. Undoubtedly its damage would be a significant obstacle … which provides a fascinating and uncommon beginning point for Episode VIII. Exactly what if that motion picture has to do with the darkness growing inside the galaxy when nobody is anticipating it, due to the fact that they believe the First Order has been eliminated?
After Awakening, What? (1).

Much of Star Wars folklore is based around the Force, however so numerous of the films point to it being something that, simply perhaps should not be utilized by Jedi or Sith alike, due to the fact that it constantly leads to (Darth Vader/Kylo Ren-esque) problem. Will Rey’s introduction as a Force skilled modification that in some method– could she, and possibly Ren (who is, after all, lured by the Light Side in the exact same method that Anakin was drawn to the Dark), lastly bring the Balance to the Force that the motion pictures have talked about for 6 installations currently without it showing up?
After Awakening, What? (2).

Force Awakens effectively stimulated the feel of the initial trilogy, however neither the authors or the director of that motion picture is sticking around for exactly what comes next. (So much of the favorable response to the film, after all, centers around the reality that the motion picture “feels like” Star Wars, in the exact same method that so much of the ill-will that focuses around the prequel trilogy comes from those films not “feeling like” Star Wars.).
Star Wars: The Force Awakens works as something that stimulates fond memories and delights by narrating that’s not too far gotten rid of from exactly what we’ve seen currently– however that’s not a dish for long-lasting success, with familiarity notoriously reproducing contempt. “What occurs next?” Isn’t really simply a concern that the audience ought to be asking after the huge success of this motion picture; it’s something that the filmmakers of future Star Wars ought to be actually thinking about.
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