Adam Skelos threatened manager, was no-show at job: manager

Christie M. Farriella for New york city Daily News

Adam Skelos supposedly informed among his managers “Talk with me like that when again and I’m going to smash you’re f– ing head in” after he asked him to appear to work.

Employee of the month, he had actually not been.
“Talk to me like that once again and I’m going to smash you’re f– ing head in,” Adam Skelos’s manager, Christopher Curcio, told the state Senate Majority Leader’s youngster as informing him when he needed to periodically appear at work.
And according to wiretaps of the father and children’s phone call dipped into their Manhattan Federal Court corruption trial on Wednesday, the apple didn’t fall far from the foul-mouthed tree.
After Gov. Cuomo selected versus allowing fracking in New york city State – a step that cost Adam Skelos big dollars – the children fumed, “He’s such a p– y!”.
Dean Skelos informed him he ‘d get even– by running versus him for guv.
“You see precisely what I’m going to perform in the next few years with him, specifically starting this year. No more, you understand, friend friend and all that things. He bristles with s– t. He’s full of s– t,” the daddy snapped.
That discussion took place in December of in 2014, while Adam Skelos’s blow up with his manager at work dropped by a year formerly.
Adam Skelos had really gotten the $ 78,000 a year gig in January 2013, after both he and his dad notified Physicians Reciprocal Insurers CEO Anthony Bonomo that he desperately required a task – although he currently had 2 others.


Christopher Curcios (pictured) testified that Adam Skelos rarely showed up for work at Physicians Reciprocal Insurers, where he was being paid $ 78,000 a year. Government Exhibition

Christopher Curcios (imagined) affirmed that Adam Skelos seldom appeared for work at Physicians Reciprocal Insurers, where he was being paid $ 78,000 a year. Federal government Exhibition.

Christopher Curcios (imagined) affirmed that Adam Skelos rarely appeared for work at Physicians Reciprocal Insurers, where he was being paid $ 78,000 a year.
Bonomo, a long time good friend of Dean Skelos, employed his child as a total time task supervisor who was anticipated to work 35 hours a week – however Adam Skelos had other concepts.
He informed Curcio on his first day of work that he was simply anticipated to work 2 days a week – nevertheless Curcio specified he didn’t even appear that routinely, when he did, he ‘d leave rapidly after.
Curcio affirmed he thought the new employee was “conceited”– stating his very first words to him were, “You comprehend who I am. I’m Adam Skelos.”.
The work log Curcio kept Skelos exposed that on Jan. 8– one week after beginning– he got in work at 1 pm, “went to lunch, never ever returned.”.
Curcio mentioned he grumbled to HR and PRI exec Carl Bonomo, and Bonomo notified him, “He ‘d manage it.”.
Absolutely nothing altered, and Skelos kept hardly appearing in the office, in spite of Curcio’s directions. Carl Bonomo later informed him him to unwind on Skelos due to that he “had an ill kids,” and Curcio specified he withdrawed for a while.
Curcio stated he later on discovered that business head Anthony Bonomo had actually not comprehended Skelos, 33, was simply working 2 days a week for full-time pay. When he notified in charge that Skelos had not been can be discovered in, he stated, “Call him up on his cellphone and get him to work.”.
The irritated Curcio mentioned he and Skelos had a “blow out” in June of 2013, after he again asked him to come into the workplace to work a bit.
He specified 2 minutes later, Skelos called him in a rage, and notified him, “Individuals like you aren’t fit to shine my shoes” prior to threatening to bang his head in.
Curcio informed Carl Bonomo what had actually taken place, and was once again informed, “We’ll handle it.”.
About 2 weeks later on, Skelos was moved from Curcio’s department and made a “expert,” Curcio stated.
He barely worked at that gig too, Curcio specified. Asked just how much business Skelos got for PRI, Curcio stated, “None.”.
On interrogation, Adam Skelos’s attorney Christopher Conniff got Curcio to acknowledge that his mama had actually asked Anthony Bonomo– Curcio’s uncle– to provide her kid a task at PRI 20 years formerly.
District lawyer Tatiana Martins acted on the concern.
“Was your mom state Senate Majority Leader?” she asked.
“No,” Curcio reacted to.
In opening arguments, Martins kept in mind that PRI was dependent on Albany to continue to be satisfying, which Dean Skelos had really let business brass comprehend they need to not fire his children. After the Bonomos informed him about his kid threatening his supervisor, Skelos reacted that Curcio must not “pester” his child.
Dean Skelos is accuseded of abusing his power by requiring 3 business that were reliant on Albany to provide cash to his boy.
Among those company was AbTech, which stood making a fortune on its water-cleaning tech if fracking got the thumbs-up in Albany.
The wiretapped call played in court after Cuomo’s option to restrict fracking described Adam was damaged.
“Aaaaargh! This day draws!” he griped to his papa.
“I’m going to run versus him,” Dean Skelos informed him.
“I desire you would, Daddy,” Adam responded. “I would be so pleased if you kicked his a–.”.
In another December, 2014 discussion, Adam Skelos was heard working as a consigliere to his dad– and scolding him for working out with a Democratic state Senator, Jeffrey Klein, since he must be wishing to “destroy” his challengers.
“That was a terrible step,” he informed his papa of an offer that made Klein a co-coalition leader.
The daddy stated the step guaranteed more infighting by state Democrats.
“The entire principle is you got to keep them separated, which’s precisely what this is going to do, keep them apart and combating and disliking each other. Which’s exactly what’s worked for us the last 6 years, is keeping them at each other’s throats, which’s precisely what this will do,” the reliable pol stated.
“Did you ever took a look at that book I got you, ‘The Art of War’?” Adam Skelos asked.
“No, I didn’t,” Dean Skelos responded to. He likewise ensured his children he was still in control.
“Everybody’s going to comprehend who calls the shots, Adam. Think me,” he mentioned.
The precise very same conversation exposes Adam obviously making a joke about among their declared rip-offs– pushing a home business into paying Adam a $ 20,000 title insurance protection commission for a deal he had not been consisted of with.
Adam noted he ‘d provided a pal an excellent football pick over the weekend.
“He stated, ‘Wow, great pick with Oakland,'” Adam informed his daddy. “I specified my suggestions is completely complimentary, however we allow gratuity through a title.”.
Dean Skelos chuckled. “That’s excellent. That’s exceptional,” he specified.
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